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The Ingredients

Respect for the product ...

“We are inspired by the respect for culinary tradition and for the ingredients, which means respecting life, what we do and who we are. Being a cook is not just a job, it's a lifestyle, that is why I am obsessed with getting involved with all  the details of the restaurant "
We use fresh and healthy ingredients which allows us to vary the menu on a daily basis.
We consider all tastes and dishes.  We offer options for meat lovers,  risottos, seafood, vegetables and also vegan choices.”

Chef Gabriel Coquel- Owner 


Our Style


A Kitchen Without Borders

All the cuisines of the world are amazing if you know how to appreciate their diversity.

Thanks to this influence, our culinary style is full of flavors, aromas and textures.

The charm of Tandory lies in its fusion cuisine, personalized attention and warm atmosphere.

The venue has a capacity for 60 guests on two floors of exceptional dining, one of which is a wine cellar.


It is decorated with ethnic elements that reflect its culinary style, influenced by European, Latin and Asian regional cuisines




"We are inspired by the passion for good cuisine,

 the endless flavors of the world gathered in one menu.


Indulge yourself with a unique culinary experience with us ... "

"A combination of flavors other than the classic options you can find in

the city..”

Pablo, from Montevideo



"Some classic dishes  of my childhood, others more modern surprised me ..."


Ana from Buenos Aires

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