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With 16 years in the business, Tandory, has been chosenas one of the most distinguished restaurants in the city, by the public and critics alike.  This is the  result of an exemplary service, a refined atmosphere, a stunning wine cellar, with a bold mix of both classic and new dinning option that will simply amaze the most demanding tastes.


This does not make us selective, on the contrary Tandory is intended to offer an elegantly relaxed atmosphere which is in high demand.  Reservations are required, especially on weekends. 

"As my great passion, I live the cooking experience with an analytical, critical and

evolutionary spirit"

When I decided to open my own restaurant I wondered which style I would give it: French, Spanish, Asian or Latin.
All the cuisines of the world are wonderful if you know how to appreciate them, so I decided to create a style where I could combine all kinds of recipes of the world, everything I had learned to cook and taste, in my own personal way.
In short, Tandory offers a gastronomic experience outside the classic parameters of the city.  Navigate the globe through world cuisine.  Get carried away and indulge yourself with an exciting array of flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques that will blow your mind.”


Welcome to my restaurant

Chef  Gabriel Coquel

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